Stylocoeniella coral: a unique SPS for any aquarium

Stylocoeniella is a colorful and captivating  SPS coral that can bring drama and beauty to most any aquarium.

This encrusting coral is often described as a cross between montipora and psammacora.

It’s a fairly hardy SPS coral that does best in low to medium lighting and medium to high flow.

Where it differs from montipora and psammacora is in its polyps. They are a bit longer and often extend 3-4 mm beyond the base. This allows the polyps to move around in the flow a little. It’s a bit like watching ripples move across the top of a pond.

It does best when place in the lower half of the tank.

And it comes in a dazzling array of colors. Some of the most common are green, red, and orange.

Now that it is beginning to catch the eye of collectors and coral breeders, more vibrant variations are available as well. Colors such as purple, pink, blue, and rainbow are now available.

Electric-blue stylocoeniella
Electric-blue stylocoeniella (center).

Designer variations are also starting to appear as well. Examples include Burning Bananas, Sunset, and Looney Tunes from Jason Fox.

Feeding is straightforward and no different than most other SPS. Most any SPS food will be accepted, such as Coral Frenzy and Reef Roids.

And their ability to grow in lower light makes them a great coral for adding life and color to shaded areas of rock work.

If you’re looking for an SPS coral that is unique yet easy to care for then look no further.

Stylocoeniella is colorful.

It adds a sense of drama and motion to your aquarium.

Unlike most beginner corals, it is still rare and different enough to be an eye-catcher and topic of conversation.

And it requires very little, if any, hand-holding or special care.

Put simply, it’s a rare, eye-catching gem than can be treasured and appreciated by novice and seasoned reef keepers alike.